Thursday, February 25, 2010

State of the Lake

The Lake Pend Oreille "State of the Lake Meeting" will be held on Saturday February 27th. The Lake Pend Oreille Task Force and Idaho Department of Fish and Game will be conducting a genearal overview of Lake Pend Oreille (LPO) and the latest fish counts. It is at 9:00am at the Ponderay Events Center. It is a good meeting to help everyone understand the goals for LPO. Kokannee counts, fish harvests, and water levels will be the main topic of discussion.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Dona Christine

The Dona Christine

...named after my Mother (so she would approve once my Dad bought it) is a 24 foot Wooldridge SS Pilothouse. Twin 150hp Honda 4-Strokes power this beauty. The perfect family fishing boat. No need for a wakeboard tower..we just put the post on the roof. Snap down cushions so the ladies can lay out on the roof and get some sun shine. Scotty Electric Downriggers, Big John Planer Board reels, Garmin 4212 Radar, GPS, Chartplotter, Espresso Maker, Waffle Iron, Fishfinder Combo....more shit that one can list. The new Lake Pend Oreille slayer. Now hopefully some Rainbows will start making a comeback. Maiden Voyage...should be towning a Dean Boat from Bella Coola to the mouth of the Dean...then just sleep on the boat.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

~ Watching Steelhead Eat ~

Sustut Pool at Rest

Hook Up

During my last fishing trip with my father we fished the Sustut River in B.C. It was an amazing experience full fish fights, scotch, cigars, and some amazing visuals on steelhead trying to hit a fly.

This was the first time in my life that I was able to physically see a steelhead at rest react to a swinging fly. After we set Jay up in the run to swing to these fish he kept working closer and closer. Once the fly swings within about 5' of the fish she decides to come up for a look. I was watching her "mouth" the fly for about 5 seconds wondering why Jay wasn't setting the hook. During this first swing the fish tried to eat the fly at least three times. He claims he never felt anything. Next swing, same spot, she comes up again a little more pissed off. Mouths the fly once hard then leaves. Jay sets the hook and misses. Third swing, the hen inhales the fly gently then turns to head back down. Bam, fish on. Jay sets the hook after he feels the pressure.

After watching this scene and trying to picture how steelhead hit, I find myself never "setting the hook" I always wait for the fish to take the fly then wait for the heavy pressure for the battle to begin. Drag from the belly in the line seems to do most of the work. Most of the time this is the case, for me at least, however, there are the occasions where you never get a chance and line is peeling off your reel instantly..those are the best. What I love about each take is the difference in attitude. Shirt tugs to Submarines I love them all.

~ Pre-Trip ~

A Kvichak Rainbow and a Skagit Steelhead caught by Jim Fuller

My father and I get to go on a fishing trip. I am so excited to fish with him I lose sleep at night. I can't wait to hear him yip and hoot every time a SeaTrout from the colored waters of the Rio Grande grab his fly. He is a hardcore fly fishermen to the core. No matter how far away you drop him off in a run, you can always hear him when a fish decides to tug on his line. It always make me smile. Don't even think about tying his knots...he will just undo them and re-tie them. It is hard enough to offer him the "hot fly" when we are steelheading...if there is such a thing. My father, being new to the spey world, calls me daily, with questions like "So, why is my fly line only 27 feet long?" I tell him he doesn't need to cast any further than that...but after a while I mention to him that running line could be an important feature to check into.

I am very excited to fish with my father again.

This blog will be updates on family fishing days and those fishing tales of friends who travel the world daily.