Thursday, February 18, 2010

~ Pre-Trip ~

A Kvichak Rainbow and a Skagit Steelhead caught by Jim Fuller

My father and I get to go on a fishing trip. I am so excited to fish with him I lose sleep at night. I can't wait to hear him yip and hoot every time a SeaTrout from the colored waters of the Rio Grande grab his fly. He is a hardcore fly fishermen to the core. No matter how far away you drop him off in a run, you can always hear him when a fish decides to tug on his line. It always make me smile. Don't even think about tying his knots...he will just undo them and re-tie them. It is hard enough to offer him the "hot fly" when we are steelheading...if there is such a thing. My father, being new to the spey world, calls me daily, with questions like "So, why is my fly line only 27 feet long?" I tell him he doesn't need to cast any further than that...but after a while I mention to him that running line could be an important feature to check into.

I am very excited to fish with my father again.

This blog will be updates on family fishing days and those fishing tales of friends who travel the world daily.



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