Monday, March 15, 2010

Southern Chrome Sea Trout

After our 18 hours of flying time... ten hours of layovers...14 Valium 12 Glasses of wine....we land in Rio Grande. We were picked up and driven to Villa Maria Lodge, which fishes the lowest portion of the Rio Grande. The previous weeks fishing had been tough due to high water conditions. Most of the "bigger" fish had moved up river to spawn.

Normally the winds are blowing 30+ and fishing can be fairly difficult. We had three days of calm weather that provided excellent fishing. With the water low and clear my "traditional" methods of using larger steelhead style flies would prove to only work at night. During our first session our guide, Alejandro Bianchetti, suggested a fly to for me to try. He wouldn't show me the fly until I fished it through the run. He said " you see the fly in the fishes mouth" he was right. In one hour I landed 5 fish ranging from 9 to 21 lbs.

Quilmes tastes just like is a natural phenomena. The first sip made me feel right at home. Food servings at the lodge were huge. Rib eye steaks, Lamb, Pork, beef, beef, and more BEEF. That is why they Drink Mate' and Fernet. Fernet is like medicine, mix it with some coke and you are good to go...

It definitely paid not to take a 4 hour siesta like most of the other clients. After three bottles of wine with lunch it was very hard to get motivated to fish in 40 mph winds...but I just kept telling myself "you are on the fucking Rio Grande' go fishing!" During "siesta" Barrett and I fished the home pool right below the cabin. Each day we fished we landed between 4 and 10 fish.

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